Hybrid Work Schedules in Business

 The Dawn of a New Work Era.

Return to the office. Four words that seem to cause a chill to creep down people’s spine these days. Now that the majority of the pandemic is over, companies are re-opening their offices once again. But not everyone is too keen on the idea. 

Why is that? Is it the no more pajama casual attire? Or the saving on gas and ease of being at home? 

Well, despite what many employees want, their employers need them in the office. Being in an office together encourages collaboration, adaptability and flexibility in the workplace. Due to the seclusion of the pandemic, people still want to work in a place with healthy human interaction, in fact now post-pandemic people are craving it indefinitely. And yet people still don’t want to kiss their bunny slippers goodbye completely. However, things may not be as bad as they seem. The hybrid schedule that has been revolutionized by companies internationally, is almost always available these days now that everyone has had a taste of the work at home life. 

According to the Pulse of the American Worker Survey, 87% of people want to work from home at least 1 day of the week. On top of this 68% of people from the same survey say a hybrid workplace model is ideal. Thanks to coworking places like Venture X, flexibility is key since they are built to support the Hybrid schedule! 

Corporations, entrepreneurs, and startups alike who use the hybrid schedules benefit from coworking spaces like Venture X since we offer:

  • Fewer distractions: Working from home might seem like a comfortable option but it certainly isn’t distraction proof. Children playing, chores need cleaning, pets want loving, that tv beckoning for your attention towards your favorite show. At Venture X, take all the comfort with none of the distractions when you get a private office, allowing you all the focus you need. 
  • The Lower cost of working: There are lots of things to consider and purchase when it comes to running a business, and the total can drag you down. If you are going to have an office space that you use only a few days a week, don’t be discouraged by all the expenses that are being wasted on it. Coworking spaces like Venture X take care of all the tedious expenses like the kitchenette, cleaning, electricity, water, wifi, printing and even furniture services to name a few! Here you can rest easy knowing how much your company will save; which can go to your hard working employees and business instead. 
  • A Variety of resources: In a coworking space you will have a multitude of different businesses as your neighbors who can contribute to your business. Coworking spaces are the perfect environment for networking of varying businesses to become a symbiotic workplace. In a traditional office building, it is your business and your business alone that you fraternize with. However, in a coworking space it is a community of workers of different companies willing to work with one another.

Pre Pandemic, mid-pandemic and post-pandemic workplaces all look different, that is for certain. Businesses and employees alike have had to adapt in ways they nether thought they could to survive and thrive through it all. Luckily, there are coworking companies out there that are here to support all levels of business. Want to find out how Venture X can help grow your business? Give us a like and a call today for your new beginning in a hybrid coworking environment.

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